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Now you can enjoy the #1 most popular training program developed at Google

Search Inside Yourself (SIY) is a highly interactive course that blends evidence based mindfulness, emotional intelligence and neuroscience to awaken the best in people and organisations.

SIY has been offered to thousands of Google employees to help take leadership to higher levels of effectiveness, purpose and meaning. It was developed by a Google Engineer, a Zen teacher, a Stanford University Neuroscientist and the author of Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman.

In 2017, this innovative training is being offered in both Australia and New Zealand.

The Benefits of Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence

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    Expands Leadership Capacity

    Increases effectiveness, decision-making capacity, and ability to create positive culture.

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    Improves Performance & Collaboration

    Enhances strength in brain regions associated with focus, working memory, and executive function. Encourages greater empathy and ease in relationships.

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    Enhances Wellbeing & Resilience

    Improves emotional resilience, stress management, happiness, and job satisfaction. Minimises stress symptoms and sick days.

  • " [The] SIY [book] is a practical guide to the fundamentals of emotional intelligence. It has the potential to change lives and deliver happiness."

    — Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos, NYT best-seller

  • " [The] SIY [book] offers practical and proven tools wrapped in the gift of timeless wisdom."

    — John Mackey, Founder Whole Foods Market

What’s Unique About SIY

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    Developed and tested within Google.

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    Created by thought-leaders in mindfulness, emotional intelligence and neuroscience.

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    Makes deep and complex concepts highly practical and accessible.

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    Emphasises application to the on-the-ground challenges of daily work.

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Leadership Skills for the Digital Age

Learn the essential competencies for sustaining peak performance, creativity and motivation

In a fast-paced world, increasing numbers of people are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and disengaged. Our workplaces are full of burned-out leaders who report little bandwidth for big-picture thinking, for innovation and for building strong cultures. The time has come for an inside-out approach that empowers people to thrive in the face of ever-increasing stress and instability.

Leaders are Missing What Matters Most


of employees are disengaged, leading to lower productivity, innovation, and wellbeing.

only 8%

of people strongly agree that they experience overall wellbeing because of their work.

* (Source: Gallup, 2013)

Inspire the Best in Yourself and Others

Join the emerging movement of companies integrating evidence-based mindfulness into their workplaces

Many leading companies such as Google and the Harvard Business School are realising that modern leadership is about how well we use our minds and the quality of our relationships with others. Rather than simply focusing on business as usual, innovative organisations are turning to mind fitness and inner skills as a way to promote the capacity to thrive and flourish.

Emotional Intelligence

Workplace studies prove that emotional competencies enhance performance, leadership effectiveness, and wellbeing.


Research shows that mindfulness is a foundational skill that underpins the inner factors of growth: self-awareness, self-management, and emotional skills.


Neuroscience shows that attention is the fundamental energy of the mind. How we direct our attention determines the mental habits we form, the emotions we develop, and the results we experience.


Survey results from the SIY training in Australia
at our 2014/2015 events

* numbers reflect % of participants who agree or strongly agree with survey questions.

Source: Participants include executives from Westpac, AFL Players Association, Mi9, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Allen Fisher, News Limited, Quality Health Care, LogiCamms, Foundation for Young Australians, Wilson Select, Auckland Council, The Australian Ballet, Microsoft, NSW Office State Revenue, Australian Department of Defence, The Eventful Group, Suncorp Group, National Rugby League, Electronic Arts, House with No Steps, Tourism Australia, University of Canberra, Lion Nathan, Getty Images, Acumen Global Partners, AMP, Insight Sustainability, Ensemble Consulting Group, Brown-Forman, Bupa Australia, Hoot, Holiday Explorers Inc, IAG, Atlassian, AV1, Aspect, The Sutherland Hospital, Westmead Children’s Hospital, RSPCA, Techex Group, Nespresso, University of Technology Sydney, Sydney University, Taylors Wines, South Australian Medicare Local, Nestle, Oasis Youth Support, Suncorp, NSW Health, Lend Lease.

Who Has Previously Attended?

Feedback from our previous Attendees

“Mindfulness is a serious subject that can have an impact on all aspects of our work and home life – there is something in this program for everyone!”
Louise Cairns, Department of Defence

“The content is a strong introduction to mindfulness in a secular non-spiritual application that can be used and applied both in a corporate sense and also for personal application and transformation.”
Fiona Hathaway, Microsoft Asia

“Very different professional development course. I just didn’t want the course to end! A wonderful experience!”
Solution Delivery Manager, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

“Practical and inspiring program with easy-to-use tools and ideas. Through the process, I gained useful insights and awareness that surprised, amazed and moved me.”
Jenny Fisher, Allen-Fisher P/L

“I’ve attended numerous training courses on leadership, read many books on the same topic. None of them were as powerful and authentic than the 2-days I’ve spent here.”
Joliot See, Melbourne

“I have never been so present at a training before and never felt so connected to people and complete strangers.”
Susan Walton, Office of State Revenue

About the Leadership Institute

The Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) is a globally recognised training organisation that has worked with thousands of senior executives, entrepreneurs, managers and professionals across all sectors. The organisation was founded by Chade-Meng Tan, a Google Engineer and author of The New York Times Bestseller, Search Inside Yourself. SIYLI is guided by a board comprising thought leaders such as Arianna Huffington and world renowned neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson.


Create Lasting Improvements

Search Inside Yourself is designed to optimise opportunities for professional and personal development, supported by research* showing measurable positive changes after four weeks of practice. The program includes:

* Hulsheger et al. 2012, and Holzel et al. 2011

The 2016 SIY Trainers

Jackie McGrath is an internationally recognised facilitator and coach who specialises in working with senior executives at organisations such as Levi Strauss, Hewlett Packard, Cisco and the U.S. Navy. Jackie is passionate about using the science of mindfulness and emotional intelligence to cultivate authentic presence, creativity and personal mastery in environments of pressure, rapid change and ambiguity. Jackie is a Master Trainer in Stanford’s Creativity in Business Program and has been a guest lecturer at numerous business schools including the University of Chicago.

Linda Curtis combines twenty years of corporate experience with a decade of coaching and consulting with entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate leaders. She has held senior positions at U.S. Bancorp and The Harris Bank of Chicago and led an award winning business development team at VISA (now Visa, Inc.). Linda has consulted with hundreds of private and corporate clients including MasterCard, NASDAQ OMX, Google, Oracle and Yahoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

Search Inside Yourself is designed for individuals and organisations who want to apply mindfulness-based emotional intelligence practices. This includes business leaders, managers, leadership teams, executives, academics, therapists, consultants and professionals across all sectors.

How is this going to help me in my job?

Search Inside Yourself is based on cutting-edge research in mindfulness and emotional intelligence which includes the importance of self-awareness, the power of optimism and resilience and the benefits of empathy and compassion. With these skills you can bring greater effectiveness, productivity, success, well-being, peace and happiness to ourselves, our organisations and the world.

I’m new to mindfulness, will this be over my head?

SIY is designed for people who are serious about reaching their full potential in business and life. If you’re committed to leading with excellence and cultivating qualities of awareness, focus, authenticity and compassion then you’ll love this course.

I’m well established in mindfulness, am I going to be bored?

SIY is a unique combination of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, neuroscience and compassion. Along with the course materials, this workshop is about “practicing” these skills, community-building and peer-to-peer learning. If you feel mastery in these areas, then this course maybe isn’t for you.

SIY is brought to you by the Wake Up Project

The Wake Up Project is a community of 150,000+ people celebrating mindful living and leadership.

We host transformative events and experiences with Search Inside Yourself (developed at Google), Stanford University’s Centre for Compassion along with workshops, film screenings and an annual Mindful Leadership Forum. Over 45,000 people have attended events with inspirational speakers such as Eckhart Tolle, Danielle La Porte, Dr. Rick Hanson and TED sensation Dr. Brené Brown.

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